MotorStorm – Game Trailers & Intro

MotorStorm Intro

Tokyo Game Show Trailer (Nirvana – Breed)

Alpha Trailer

Alpha Trailer (Pendulum – Slam)

Alongside being an art lead on the game’s development, I was responsible for all of the in-game cinematics and promo edits/trailers, which involved a steep learning curve both for myself and for a previously PlayStation 2 based studio that was used to producing edits using DV capture on consumer end hardware, as we moved into the massively data heavy realm of next-gen gaming and high def trailers.

Due to the very low FPS of early, un-optimized builds and new hardware and SDK, I developed an HD video workflow using the in-house PS3 capture tool that dumped uncompressed frames over the dev kit’s Ethernet connection and converted them to an edit-ready intermediate format before they were ingested into Adobe Premiere Pro. This was a process that usually started as soon as all the bugs had been fixed (including my own) and usually involved all-night edit session before passing it to the audio guys first thing the next morning, otherwise the video apparently wouldn’t have any sound. Slackers…

Because we couldn’t predict the actions of the AI during capture, I worked with the sound designer to establish the pace of the trailer and so the music edit ahead of capture, and would be looking throughout capture for suitable elements to fit different parts of the song. This allowed a degree of creative foresight ahead of actually having any footage or knowing what it would contain and allowed us to deliver a tight movie in an even tighter time-frame.

More in-game trailers to follow.