MotorStorm: E3 2005 Announcement

Controversy and Sony-bashing aside for a sec, this was the world’s introduction to MotorStorm, a promo movie designed to encapsulate everything we wanted the game to be, provide a strong visual reference to developers (who didn’t even have first-gen PS3 dev kits at the time) and, of course, build hype for the game. All of which it did very successfully, even if (ahem…) we didn’t quite manage to squeeze that much detail into the game.

I built the yellow dune buggy in 3dsmax as my first task after joining Evo late in 2004, I’ve always loved VW Beetles so jumped at the chance to define what became the Buggy class. We established that licensed vehicles weren’t an option, so my Baja Beetle evolved into the most aggressive looking, super-modified version of a Volkswagen I could imagine, a Baja Kubelwagen on trophy truck suspension. I quickly involved myself in the visual feedback process during production of the promo, a job I increasingly did during my time at Evolution and later SCEE.

Originally delivered at 720p, this version is from a 1080p in-house re-render. I reverse engineered the After Effects project to identify the Max files used to create the various passes, modified the scenes and re-rendered every pass (probably hundreds) in 3dsmax/V-Ray to then re-comp the lot in the original AE project for a 1080p output. With no info and just a huge stack of source files, it was a logistical nightmare that took about a month, but taught me an awful lot about compositing, V-Ray, data management and Heath Robinson render farms. The irony was at the time hardly anyone had 720p screens let alone 1080p, but I’m not one to turn down a challenge.