MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Festival/GUI Cinematics

As with the original MotorStorm, I was responsible for the cinematic sequences that played behind the menu screens, which were produced entirely as CG to achieve the necessary variety of shots, immersion and visual effects.

The aim of these movies was to present MotorStorm as an off-road racing event set amidst a hedonistic, Burning Man style music festival and to complement the intro, marketing, in-game environments and the overall attitude of the game. Given my experience of Glastonbury (12 and counting) and numerous run-ins with other festivals, I was the natural choice for the job. I worked up an initial brief as part of my role as Creative Lead on Pacific Rift, developed this in-house with our concept artists and ran the project for Evolution. After receiving several pitches, Glasgow based Axis Animation got the job. Delivering over three minutes of footage at 720p, they handled an often challenging brief very professionally, delivering a high visual standard and nailing a variety of complex effects.

These played independently of the music but can be seen in-situ in this video by Rich Weaver, one of the GUI/Graphic Designers on the project: