MotorStorm – Festival/GUI Cinematics

Agency: Ark VFX
Client: Evolution Studios
Roles: Original concept, creative direction, edit, in-game implementation, 3d modeling (dune buggy)

The aim of these movies was to play behind the main menu and work alongside the intro, game aesthetic/attitude and marketing in building and reinforcing the music festival theme of the game. I wanted to show players my interpretation of the MotorStorm festival regardless if they had ever been to a music festival, exactly as the game aimed to do for offroad racing.

I looked after the project for Evo and worked with our concept artists and Ark VFX to work out what MotorStorm the festival might look like if it ever happened. Designed to contrast with the epic but more detached aerial HD intro, these were all about atmosphere and based on a few specific corners of Glastonbury, some smaller UK festivals with lots of the art and infrastructure of Burning Man.

Concept Art

Ark had some incredible matte painters and concept artists, and along with the rest of their team did a fantastic job of transforming these scenes into the finished movie. In many cases, worked-up versions of these same images formed the basis of the final scene in the movie above.