MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Game Trailers

Tokyo Game Show Trailer (October 2008)

The plan was to do something a bit different and less chaotic than the usual seat-of-pants edits we produced in that tiny gap between fixing all the bugs and Marketing wanting a video in their inbox. Using heavily graded footage from the aerial shoot and an alternative intro audio take, the aim was to splice this with game captures so that it wasn’t immediately obvious what was in-game and what was real. The game edit on the end is identical to the ‘attract movie’ in the boxed product.

E3 Trailer (May 2008)

A typical ‘last minute dash’ promo that involved us implementing features, fixing bugs and polishing the game like mad before reaching a cut-off point where the AD and I would start capturing footage and then I’d race against the clock to get an edit put together and delivered to the Audio Department. This usually all happened in the wee hours when most of the team had put Perforce to bed, gone home to remind their families what they look like and just before the cleaners arrived to startle us with vacuum cleaners.

Elemental Promos (Late 2008)

A loose visual mechanic that I suggested early on (and regretted later) was to split the 16 tracks into four zones, based around the main element of the track and the hazards the player would encounter. So the lava tracks were placed in the Fire Zone, jungle tracks in Earth, coastal and river tracks in the Water Zone and precarious caldera races into the Air Zone. Whilst there was overlap between the Zones, this allowed us to structure the Festival (the main game mode) and GUI in a similar fashion, and gave a point of reference for the concept artists and world builders to visually theme their tracks.

A move that everyone involved in the process quickly regretted was deciding to make four ‘Element Promos’ showcasing each of the tracks in each Zone, with all four of its lighting environments – a total of 64 separate capture sessions/mini-edits to be combined with suitable bumpers and track logos into the promos you see below, which were edited by both myself and the video team at Studio Liverpool.

Earth Zone
Water Zone
Air Zone
Fire Zone