MotorStorm: 3D Rift

LR format image stream.
Client: Evolution Studios/Sony Computer Entertainment (In-house, with 3D Visualisation team)
Areas: R&D, game dev, edit

This is an abridged version of a movie we produced in early 2009 to showcase the stereoscopic 3D capabilities of the PlayStation 3 and Sony’s soon-to-be-announced line of 3D TVs, it was shown internally and later on at various videogame shows. After coders had modified both the rendering and capture tools and I’d made investigations into the possibilities and restrictions of editing in stereo, I produced a (necessarily) simple edit showcasing the experience of racing the game in 3D, on the Beachcomber track. This was displayed on Sony 3D TVs with shutter glasses.

The delivery for this was requested by SCEI on HDCAM tape, which meant involving a facility in Manchester to do the transfer. They’d never worked in 1080p before, let alone stereoscopic, and after they found the necessary hardware, I supervised transfer of both this edit and a 3D WipEout HD movie to tape via Autodesk Smoke, the lack of dedicated stereoscopic hardware meant I had to visually check to ensure both sequences and each eye remained in sync throughout the full duration.