MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

I was Creative Lead and then Senior Artist on MS:PR, supporting the Art Director with briefs, overseeing concepts and GUI designs, generating still and video moodboards for objects and environments, lighting, effects, pre-vis, R&D, tech, evaluation of tools and processes and more. In addition to this, I reprised my role from the original MotorStorm of dealing with most of the FMV, trailers and promotional movies, such as the Festival/GUI Cinematics and those shown below.

Announcement Promo/X-Movie

Client: Evolution Studios/SCEE (In-house)
Acency: ArxVFX & RealtimeUK
Roles: Concept, creative direction, agency liaison/feedback, edit, grade

My aim for this movie was to make people wonder what they were seeing and then slap them with “%(@$#… it’s MotorStorm!”. The original was set in a barren, brown desert so for this I developed a brief for two CG houses, Ark VFX who’d delivered a knock-out blow with the MotorStorm Festival/GUI movies) and RealtimeUK, who’d done a similarly excellent job with MotorStorm’s E3 2005 trailer.

The second portion, RTUK’s ‘X-Movie’ style action sequence, was harshly edited into Ark’s far more serene and beautiful island approach, which began with what was missing from the original game – life. After briefly passing The Carrier (seen in the Festival cinematics and PlayStation Home), the camera flies up above the clouds and then plunges the viewer into a brutal jungle race that showcased numerous new features we brought to the franchise in MSPR.

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Intro

Client: Sony Computer Entertainment
Agency (CG footage): Escape Studios
Roles: Game edit, aerial edit, colour grade, titles, effects, polish/fixes, implementation

Sony were keen to retain the epic aerial HD theme of the original MotorStorm which we filmed in Monument Valley, but updated for the even more breathtaking Pacific location. Sadly, I was busy washing my hair when a small team were sent out to Hawaii to shoot hours of source material for the intro movie which doubled as a huge reference library.

I looked after the latter stages of the project – as with MotorStorm I handled the overall edit, grading, titles and implementation, but this time I had little involvement with the CG side of the project, which had been outsourced to Escape Studios.