Corvette: 50th Anniversary

During 2002-3, I worked for Glasgow based Steel Monkeys in a bunch of different art roles, initially as a 3D artist and later mucking in anywhere, which included promo renders, trailers, in-game movies, GUI design, production of HUD/OSDs, script writing, and lots and lots of rendering in Splutterfish’s Brazil r/s.

Corvette: Sting

I put this together in a week sometime in 2002, off the back of work I’d done on promos and the game’s intro. It was basically a nerdy joke about a 3D car slipping dimensions and falling over and a jab at GT style ‘car porn’ renders, After adding a few props, I chopped a hand off a game character, animated it all in 3ds Max, rendered using Splutterfish Brazil r/s and then After Effects provided the post duties.