Binary Domain – The Machine Age & E3 Story Trailers

The Machine Age

Agency: Maverick Media
Client: SEGA
Music: 65daysofstatic – ‘Aren’t We All Running’
Areas: Creative, direction, capture, video/music edit

Directed/edited for Maverick Media in March/April 2011 for sci-fi squad based shooter Binary Domain, released in February 2012. SEGA wanted this trailer to build interest in the game communicate what it was more clearly than their Christmas 2010 announcement.

Being a fan of the same kind of sci-fi that inspired BD’s back-story, I could see what they wanted. I captured a huge amount of footage from a debug build (via a completely Japanese menu system, yay!) and looked at WIP cutscene animatics to work out how to fulfil the script and the client brief. Everyone seemed to be using dubstep in trailers at the time but I went for 65daysofstatic’s ‘Aren’t We All Running’ instead, which isn’t. This track fitted the dystopian mood of the treatment perfectly in setting up the back story before dropping into the epic gameplay segment.

E3 Story Trailer

Agency: Maverick Media
Two Steps From Hell – ‘Dark Resolution’
Creative, direction, capture, video/music edit
Following on from the previous ‘Machine Age’ trailer, also produced with Maverick Media, this was designed to flesh out the back-story of Binary Domain rather than as a ‘balls out’ gameplay trailer. I directed, captured and edited both video and music, the latter was chopped to tiny pieces and haphazardly glued back together to make it fit the treatment.

The challenge was to convey the right message about the game in 90 seconds without giving away any plot spoilers and also to deliver something that felt fresh after having used the same sections of the game on the Machine Age trailer.